CCleaner for Windows5.84.9143 free tool for cleaning your PC in 2022


CCleaner for Windows5.84.9143

free tool for cleaning your PC


CCleaner for Windows5.84.9143  free tool for cleaning your PC in 2022

Windows CCleaner is a free PC optimizer that frees up space on your computer by deleting unnecessary files like cookies, unused data, and temporary files. This Piriform program regularly checks and finds those items that slow down your computer performance.

What is a CCleaner app?

CCleaner is used to clean and repair PC operating system. With CCleaner, we can completely clean the PC in a simple way, which will allow us to find space on the hard disk and prevent the PC from shrinking. It is one of those free PC tools that works very well when it comes to deleting temporary files.


CCleaner is a free, open source software that can be downloaded from a variety of devices and developed by independent software company Piriform Ltd, based in London, UK. Its launch date was September 23, 2003. Over the years it has been upgraded with several versions on three available platforms: Windows, MacOS and Android.


By downloading CCleaner, the software allows for the cleaning of various files, as well as the efficiency of the operating system. In addition, it is able to uninstall multiple applications from the interface and disable certain applications at the beginning of the system.


Benefits of the device in question are the benefits of downloading CCleaner with improved startup speed, reducing system load and freeing up disk space. Also, access becomes very fast.

What are the benefits of downloading CCleaner?

To clarify, the useful functions of CCleaner are as follows:


1.       Deleting unnecessary files

2.       Delets temporary files and other data

3.       It frees up hard disk space

4.       Disables programs whose startup is connected to the system boot

5.       Eliminate application waste

6.       Deleting browsing history

7.       Cleaning in the book

8.       Identifies duplicate files

9.       Correcting mistakes that cause problems

In conclusion, a range of cleaning options allows hard disk space to be released, provides stability to the PC, minimizes errors that occur during device usage and ensures roaming. In the meantime, adjusting the registry allows for the termination of expired data, thus correcting this area, which is critical to computer performance.


Fast navigation

Downloading CCleaner speeds up search information, either in Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser. When you are using the Internet, a computer or device collects large amounts of unwanted files, such as cookies. In the meantime, these can be customized according to user preferences in accordance with our privacy policies.


Additionally, when using different programs, temporary files and other settings are saved. By downloading CCleaner, all of these useless files can be deleted, along with your browsing history. As a result, space is released on the hard disk, allowing the system to run faster. By focusing only on folders with less important files, there is less risk of losing important files.


Due to the Launch of the application, it is possible to identify and select all those applications that can be used but are activated when the computer is started. This speeds up device launch.

Reduced risk of errors

Indication of the need to download CCleaner or another tool of this type error messages or screen lock. This is due to broken or obsolete files. This free app includes Registry Cleaner, which allows these errors to be identified and corrected.


As an added benefit, the app itself informs you how much copy you need to make to avoid losses.


Extra roaming security

Despite changes to the law and new rules in data privacy policies and policies, not all websites offer the same convenience of disabling cookies. Downloading CCleaner removes archived data such as passwords, search history, and archived data. This reduces the chances of detecting identity theft or network fraud.


Cleaning as you wish

When you download CCleaner, the user has the option to customize their cleaning options to suit their needs. For those with limited computer experience, the app provides the default settings. For the most advanced, the selection level can be more comprehensive and specify even the type of cookies.


What other versions are available when you download CCleaner

In addition to the standard download version of CCleaner, Piriform Ltd has developed two alternatives, CCleaner Browser, CCleaner Cloud and other versions such as Professional, Business or Technician.


CCleaner Browser

According to Piriform, CCleaner Browser is a highly secure browser that protects users' personal data and allows you to hide your digital tracking. However, Avast recently acquired this app, so this tool has become an Avast Safe Browser but uses the CCleaner icon.


CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner Cloud is another way to download CCleaner to its standard version. This is a cloud-based online platform and allows you to clean and configure your computer from there. The advantages are that it is free, functional and does not need to be in front of a computer to connect a PC to a Piriform server.


For those users who wish to opt out of the advanced options, a paid version is available, by subscription.


CCleaner rating

There is little more to be said than the 2 million downloads since the market launch. Although it is a free program, its features are very different from those of paid competitors or those offering premium level options.


In short, it is a tool with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which allows its users to enjoy all its benefits. Piriform updates are also common so it will continue to improve its performance in the future.


Other free CCleaner options you may want to consider are Clean Master and BleachBit.




CCleaner 5.84.9143 for Windows




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