AnyDesk6.2.3 #2021


AnyDesk It has become one of the most popular remote desktop applications, and today it is the most widely  In fact, there are many people, the best app to control your computer from your mobile. DueDue. Duedue to its ease of use, consider it 

With AnyDesk you can connect to your PC remotely in a very comfortable and simple way. It is compatible with multiple platforms, which allows you to use it whether your computer is Windows, Linux or Mac, as if your mobile is Android or an iPhone. All you have to do is download and install the application on your PC and mobile (here you will find the link 

Remote PC access software can be a valuable business tool to provide your employees with offsite device access, remote technical support, online courses and collaboration. When you're choosing remote access software, there are several factors to consider, including security, cost, functionality and sharing features.

Minimum System Requirements


  • Dual core processor and 2gb to more system memory with hardware accelerated graphics card is recommended.
  • Minimum system memory is 1Gb or more 
  • Direct3D or at least DirectDraw capable graphics card with 32 or 64 or more video memory.
  • Single core systems let AnyDesk switch automatically to lower quality (16 bit per pixel) rendering mode in order to preserve system resources.
  • Switching AnyDesk to full screen mode is recommended for maximum performance.
  • AnyDesk benefits if an Aero desktop scheme (hardware compositing) is enabled in Windows.


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